#1 Dance Band - 60s/70s and later hits

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Marty Edwards and The Revival are accomplished, veteran musicians who each have years of professional performing experience.
With 5 strong singers the audience can expect to hear the songs as they remember them. The band members are experienced, professional artists whose backgrounds encompass rock n'roll, blues, country, soul, disco and Motown.
An unforgettable band with great music and phenominal Musicians.
Get to know more about each of them...


Marty Edwards (Lead Vocal/Guitar)
Marty has a vast amount of experience in the entertainment world having performed internationally and has been seen on Oprah, Jay Lenno and CNN.
Heather Davis (Keyboards/Vocals)
Heather is truly gifted performing for Government events and composing music arrangements and singing the anthem at major sports events.

Bob 'BobBB The DrumBuddha' Bachtold (Drums/Vocals)
Bob "The DrumBuddha" is a first-call drummer, vocalist and percussionist for a number of famous artists.
Craig Brown (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
Craig has earned extensive performance credits throughout Canada, having had the opportunity to either share stages with, or provide opening performances for, a variety of well know personalities.

Betty Anne Northup (Keyboards/Vocals)
Betty Anne is a gifted singer and musician. She is at home on guitar, keyboard and piano and has a full teaching schedule. She has a unique and sometimes edgy present day style.
Carol Brown (Support)
Carol is a skilled and respected support person of the group. Not only does she watch for issues affecting the band's sound but she happily helps out when ever the band needs a lending hand.


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